The mission of Church of Christ the King is fundamentally to serve our City by demonstrating and teaching the message of Christ. We also have a focussed vision:

To be a Christ-centred Church in an influential City, which multiplies and helps other Churches towards these shared goals, across the region, Western Europe and beyond.

As a multisite church, we meet at various venues (sites) across the City on a Sunday, as 4 different sites (at present) - everyone is welcome as we continue to work together, support one another and share the same mission and the same vision.

Our Pastoral Vision

At Church of Christ the King we are committed to certain principles of care and leadership. These include:

  • Every member of  Church of Christ the King is pastored into maturity in Christ (1 Thessalonians 3:8, Colossians 1:28)
  • Every leader is pastored and equipped to fulfil their role, that we might see the foreshowing and establishing of the reign of King Jesus in the life of the individual believer
  • Committed to building a strong community that is founded on Christ (Acts 2:42 – 47). A refuge for welcoming the new believer and member alike