The Marriage Course.

The aim of the Marriage Course is to promote healthy marriages. It is very practical, giving tools for strengthening and deepening relationships over a lifetime. Simon Maguire, who runs the course says,

It is so important to take time out of our busy schedules to give attention to our marriages and to one another. This course helps you book 7 ‘date nights’ to review and discuss different aspects of your relationship.

It is designed for any couple, whether Christians or not, whether their marriage is really good or having some difficulties, and whether they are recently married or have been married for fifty years.

The course consists of 7 evenings, each covering a different topic. During your private discussion time as a couple you will be given topics to discuss (sometimes with the help of an exercise). Background music is played so you can’t hear couples on other tables and they can’t hear you! Candles, chocolates and honesty.

Seven evenings set in a relaxed candlelit atmosphere. You will be served with refreshments and dessert at a romantic table for two while listening to practical talks that are informative and fun including video clips of couples sharing their own experiences and street interviews from around the world.

There is never any group work and you will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.

Steve and Tracy Law attended the course a few years ago and Tracy put some of her thoughts into a poem: 

We attended the course with excitement and glee. Not really knowing how it would be. We looked at the titles and nodded our heads. None seemed to fill us with fear or dread.
So we attended the course and studied the sessions. Knowing ultimately we would learn some great lessons! We practised the listening. Spent more time together. Rediscovered the joy and the pleasure! Discussing some things made us hot under the collar. But we knew not to put it off till tomorrow. Facing things headlong was the only way. Being kind, full of Grace and praying each day. We know that with God in our marriage today
He will Keep us, guide us and show us the way! ...In summary, we learnt to listen to each other, have a date night together regularly and keep on learning - when there is a problem or something goes wrong its not a weakness, it's something we can face together. Marriage is not always easy, but be real and keep the communication channels open!

Dates for the next course are to be confirmed.

If you are interested please submit your application now and we will contact you as soon as the new dates are available.