I Predict A Riot.

In the 1st Century the Apostle Paul arrived in Ephesus (situated in modern day Turkey) and spent two years living in the city spreading the message of Jesus Christ. His two year stay culminated in a large riot in the heart of the city. Chapter 19 of the Acts of the Apostles recounts Paul's two year stay.

During January & February 2013 Joel Virgo, Senior Pastor at Church of Christ the King, taught through this chapter over six Sundays.

Last year Joel visited the now ruined city of Ephesus and recorded these short videos as an introduction to the history behind Acts 19 and the book of Ephesians.

God's Urban Dream - Acts 19: 1-10 - January 6th // 13th (at the Racecourse & Shoreham sites) WATCH / LISTEN

What Kind of Me?  - Acts 19: 1-7 - January 13th // 2oth WATCH / LISTEN

Viral - Acts 19: 9-10 - January 20th // 27th WATCH / LISTEN

Spiritual Power - Acts 19: 11-16 - January 27th // February 3rd WATCH / LISTEN

Book Burning - Acts 19: 17-20 - February 3rd // 10th WATCH / LISTEN

Handmade Gods - Acts 19: 23-41 - February 10th // 17th WATCH / LISTEN

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