Church Planting.

Why Church Planting?

At Church of Christ the King we highly value the importance of the local church. We are committed to seeing the church, here in Brighton and Hove, thrive, grow and multiply; all the while serving our city.

We also recognise the vital importance of Church Planting - seeing new churches established in new cities. Over several decades we've played a crucial role in the growth of the Newfrontiers family of churches, which now numbers nearly a thousand across the globe, and now it's time for us to play our part again in a new way.




What needs to happen?

We believe God's intention is for the gospel to be successful in the cities of the West again. Our intention is to start new multiplying churches in major urban, cultural centres; churches that are devoted to their cities and devoted to Jesus Christ and the display and proclamation of His message.


To achieve this we'll need many pioneers: men and women to start and help start new works in their native cities, or even relocate themselves to new locations. We're currently working with church planters across Europe and have now planted into Amsterdam in the Netherlands and plans are coming together for a church plant in Canada.

If you're interested in getting involved in Church Planting with us simply fill out the form below: