Why Zones? Part 4: Zones and Multisite.

Thu, 24/02/2011 - 10:56

In the final part of our blog series about Zones, we ask the question ‘What is the link between Zones and multisite?’

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We are always looking to God to lead us in our planning and in our conviction of doing church in a way that honours both the Word and Spirit.  Part of this process is trusting that God will help us to build great spirit-filled community of believers in the City, not compromising with our foundations AND learning how to engage relevantly with the prevailing culture.

A few years back when we began to look more closely at building in such a way that caters for a large number of church attendees, we dreamt of a framework that would do just that.  Decentralising responsibility has been our way of releasing gifted shepherds across the City to care for handfuls of geographically relating Small Groups, and these ‘Zones’ have been the result, doing more together than they can do alone.

So the Zone model has helped us to care more effectively, and in the process has prepared us for the ‘multisite’ model of church (one church spread over many locations).

We recently had the privilege of hosting Jim Tomberlin (of www.multisitesolutions.com) to help us in our move to such a model.  His wisdom has been invaluable, and we were very stirred by his encouragement to press on.  Specifically, he regarded our Zone framework as a tremendous stride forward in moving toward multisite, as it lends itself to a clear method of helping attendees relate to a specific geographic area.

Brighton & Hove (and beyond) is so diverse culturally speaking.  As our Zones take on the flavour of these areas, learning to serve in ways that meaningfully engage and lead people to Christ in the process, their value to us as we move to a mutisite model is immense!

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