Member's Seminars.

Mon, 08/11/2010 - 10:07

During this academic year CCK will be holding four training evenings that are exclusive to members of the church. These evenings provide unique opportunities to explore theology, learn how to move in the Holy Spirit and gain pastoral skills. The evenings will be a mixture of teaching, practical work and group discussion.

Each evening will have three training strands. They will each run as a series over the four evenings. The choices are:

  • Lifestyle Theology

This looks at how God’s word instructs us in the practicalities of life. This strand covers areas such as debt, relationships and employment.

  • Pastoral Skills

In these sessions you will learn and discuss around such vital pastoral topics as Listening, Acceptance, Honesty and Boundaries.

  • Welcoming, recognising and ministering the Holy Spirit

In these sessions we will cover: growing in intimacy with God & in ministry, how to move beyond what holds us back, knowing the Father and living in His Manifest Presence. The sessions will have some teaching but there will be some impartation and also some workshops on the prophetic, words of knowledge, praying for the sick and deliverance – all as Paul exhorts, with love - a chance for everyone to have a go!

The dates for these seminars are:

- 12th November 2010

- 14th January 2011

- 18th March 2011

- 13th May 2011

For more information and to book in go to:

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