CCK Zones.

Tue, 14/07/2009 - 16:22


Part of our vision for CCK in the City is the building of strong, gospel-centred communities in every location. Membership of Small Groups is the grass-roots way we pastor those who call CCK their home, and we have around 90 such groups organised across the conurbation.

These Small Groups are also arranged in Zones (which are simply a collection of Small Groups in the same geographical area), led by skilful pastoral teams whose goal it is to see every member pastored into maturity in Christ. If you are a Student or short-term International, we have Zones serving this demographic also.

Each month these Zones meet to worship, grow in their application of biblical living, and in relationship with one another. Zones also have a mandate to build attractional and engaging communities, seeking to serve and redeem the culture around them in all sorts of contexts.

Being truly part of the sanctifying, gospel-based fabric of CCK means being genuinely connected to Small Groups and Zones. It's the foundation of city-shaping communities that will see the culture redeemed.

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